So often we think that it’s too late to start a new career. I am here to tell you that mindset couldn’t be further from the truth. I was thirty five when I ended up leaving my corporate 9-5 job. I can’t say that it was my choice at first as I was “let go” from my position. I love sharing this story because it was both a devastating moment in my life and the best thing that ever happened to me.

 Imagine filing your second sexual harassment complaint against the same man and then loosing your entire career for it. YEP, that’s exactly what happened to me! The guy who was harassing me was friends with my team lead so my first complaint fell on deaths ears. I was completely blindsided when I lost my job. What was I going to do now? In full transparency I laid in bed and cried for days. I had worked my butt off for this company and had nothing to show for it. After getting an attorney involved I was finally able to receive my unemployment benefits which allowed me to make ends meet. 

 The next year was extremely stressful for me. You better believe I was taking legal action for wrongful termination. I was determined to teach my daughter that we always speak/stand up for ourselves even when it could cost us everything. While the investigation against my employer was taking place I knew that I needed to do something to move forward with my life. 

 I was already well into my own personal growth journey. I spent the two years prior learning everything I could about health and nutrition. During this process I released 115 pounds of weight that wasn’t serving my highest potential. So here I am, in the best shape of my life and jobless. I had many people in my life asking me for help to lose weight and I loved sharing my knowledge with them. This is when I decided to become a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN.

 Once I finished my nutrition certification I began taking on personal clients and was now a business owner. After helping many clients lose weight I quickly saw a pattern with both my female and male clients that wasn’t fully being addressed with their food and exercise programs. This pattern was their mindset. I knew this struggle well myself and had many of the same thoughts early in my own journey! Watching so many of my clients struggle with limiting beliefs and negative mindset was the catalyst to my next certification. I knew I needed to figure out how I could best help them (and myself) to overcome and break through those beliefs.

 When you are open and curious the universe has a way of delivering your teachers to you. I was introduced to Petter Reading at Coach For LIfe. This amazing man became one of my greatest mentors for the next year. Through his accredited coach training program I received my Certified Life Coach certification as well as my Certified Leadership Coach certification. Both of these certifications allowed me to become certified through the International Coaching Federation, ICF. I haven’t looked back since.

 My business definitely looks different now. I have grown from being just a nutrition coach to a Motivational Life Success Coach. I have created the Return To Self Personal Development Process™ which allows me to get the guaranteed results time after time with every client. We focus on how each area of life impacts the other. The success I have had with my program opened up many new opportunities for me. I am now a motivational speaker which is something I never thought I would do. I have launched the Video Podcast, From The Boardroom To The Bedroom™ where we discuss all things relationships (business and personal.) I have taken the majority of my business online now which allows me to work from anywhere. I get to travel all over the country while still coaching my one on one and group clients. It truly has become my passion to help others live their best life possible! 

 Remember, it is NEVER TOO LATE to embark on a new journey. You are not too old, you are in the perfect place right now to take that next step! 

 Life is a continued adventure, come join me on my journey @iammelissalynn (Instagram)